The data we provide is in a form which is both comprehensive and to the highest standard.

manual surveys

CTS were very accommodating and understanding of survey requirements and timescales, and able to supply traffic survey data at very short notice.

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We appreciate that as with most things in life time is of the essence. To this end we will try and return most small to medium sized quotations within 24 hours of receipt. Accuracy and speedy delivery is at the core of our philosophy and service. A firm delivery timescale will be provided with every quotation - small to medium sized projects will normally be forwarded within two to five working days and we always try to accommodate clients request.

The data we provide is in a form which is both comprehensive and to the highest standard. Results go through a series of validation checks before release to give you the complete confidence that any data is both concise and accurate. A written report is included with tables which outline methodology and site observations. Results are provided in both an electronic form and in hard copy. DVD’s can be provided for work that is carried out by camera, giving you a permanent and verifiable record of field work. Results and tables can also be bespoke designed to your exact requirements. At all stages of each project we strive adapt our service to best fit your requirements.

We actively encourage feedback, with all clients invited to complete a feedback form once delivery of our report has been made. This allows us to measure our performance at all levels, to ensure that we our meeting and surpassing our own exacting standards. We also use the feedback to develop our procedures further, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of transport research.