We operate a rigorous quality program in all aspects of our operation.

manual surveys

Following extensive consultation and site visits, the surveys were undertaken without any problems.

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Policy and Consultation

At CTS we believe that successful schemes have to be built on a solid foundation. We provide accurate and incisive results, quickly and effectively, upon which your work can be developed. We invest at every level in business and personal development, and dedicate sizeable resources to Quality Assurance, from procedural practices to Health & Safety, ensuring that our services meet the highest standards.

We operate a rigorous quality program in all aspects of our operation. This is based upon ISO principles, tailored to achieving the best possible service we can provide to our customers. An assessment is carried out on each project on completion, which is used to develop our procedures so that we are never standing still.

CTS has committed a large proportion of time to staff development and training. This means a dedicated, experienced team with an excellent knowledge of transport data collection takes your project through every stage of the data collection process, from devising survey methodology to the final processing and presentation of data.

If your project is in the early planning stages we are more than happy to provide a free consultation on the best methods to employ to obtain the optimum results. We can provide a variety of suggestions tailored to suit your requirements, and using your feedback can create a survey package which best suits your budget and time-scale.