Parking Surveys

  • Parking provision audits, both on-street and car parks
  • Accumulation and Stay Duration Surveys
  • Entry and Exit Counts
  • Controlled Parking Zone Surveys
  • Parking Inventory Surveys
  • User Questionnaires

There is every increasing pressure on parking demand in urban areas, and also the need to balance the facilities required for thriving commercial areas with a switch to more sustainable usage of our urban centres. In light of this, CTS can put together a program of surveys that will collect the best information to allow in depth appraisals of existing and future requirements.

CTS have lent their techniques to a variety of differing parking studies. These have included numerous inventory surveys that have checked parking restrictions currently in force, with additional information regarding current legal and illegal usage. We have collected car parking data for all the major Supermarket chains and carried out complex parking stress studies for a number of Premiership Football clubs.

We also have various methods of collecting accumulation and stay duration data, including the use of ANPR systems. We have included parking studies using ANPR and interview techniques which have included a much wider based Origin Destination study as part of developing a SATURN Traffic Model of various urban areas. We will provide input during the development stage of any survey program so that most appropriate methodology will be used on a case by case basis.